About Us

My name is Jacqueline Thomas, and I am the Director and Founder of QuéVon Corporate Training and Development and I am a proud member of The Good2Gre8 Group, an international recognized training and consulting firm, https://www.good2gre8group.com/e-learning.html. I am passionate about helping people succeed in their lives as a Life Coach and as an Adult Educator.

► I BELIEVE that applied knowledge gives you the power to accomplish anything you desire. There is no limit in what a person chose to become. Anyone can become a genius given the right education and tools and you would be known as a Genius.

You must choose to continue educating yourself so you can be the number one asset of any organization or community. Education with the right attitude and tools are imperative to one’s success. When you are equip with those three elements opportunities would present itself and you would be able to grow past many tough barriers. You need in-depth training especially in issues surrounding management skills, interpersonal skills development, conflict management and change management. Also organizations must find ways to engaged and retain their members, in order to cut cost and reap greater profits.

► AS AN ADULT EDUCATOR – I understand the challenges that you face in the work place and in life that leads to not having the right education to pursue your career. Corporate Training is very important, it gives you an opportunity to continue to grow and develop. It helps nurture your creative imagination, regain missed opportunities, reposition for promotion, and help companies retain their employees.

QuéVon Corporate Training and Development provides specialize workshops both e-learning and onsite training to solve some of the challenges of ✓businesses ✓administrators ✓executives ✓customers ✓employees ✓.

We offer training in variety areas such as: Management and Leadership, Human Resources, Computer Training, Inter-Personal Development, Personal Development and many more…

Why e-Learning?:

· More cost effective for Businesses

· Boosts employee productivity and Moral

· Improve Employee Retention

· Employees can work at their own pace in their own environment

· Quick and convenient Learning

· Immediate access to learning resources

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